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Medical wholesale

Buy your medical products easily and quickly from our wholesale outlet. At Degros, you will find professional products at competitive prices and we deliver quickly. We are a member of Webshop keurmerk and therefore buying from Degros is safe and reliable.

Degros is your medical wholesaler for all medical products in the Netherlands and Belgium. We supply professional medical products and medical instruments in large quantities. Especially in these times, a reliable medical wholesaler is of great importance. Degros is a member of Thuiswinkel, which guarantees safety and reliability. So order now from our medical wholesaler and benefit from the competitive prices of Degros! Want more information about our products? Then read on quickly!

Nitrile gloves

In our wholesale you will find Nitrile gloves in different shapes and sizes. Nitrile gloves are latex-free gloves made of synthetic rubber. Due to the elasticity of the nitrile gloves, they have an ideal fit for everyone. Nitrile gloves are very strong and therefore last a long time. For example, we supply several types of disposable gloves.

Applications of Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are used for, among other things:

Different Nitrile Gloves

In Degros wholesale you will find different types of Nitrile gloves. For example, we have small medium and large instances. We also have different colors of Nitrile gloves, all available per 100 pieces. You can find them here:

You can also order the Nitrile gloves in combination with other medical safety equipment such as  medical facemasks,  disinfectant hand gel,  alcohol wipes en  alcohol spray.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves are made of natural rubber and are strong and elastic. In our wholesale you will find all different sizes of latex gloves. Latex gloves have almost the same applications as Nitrile gloves, with the difference that you have to be careful if you have a latex allergy.

You can find the Latex gloves in different quantities. This is how you have the gloves in 50 pieces, 100 pieces or even 150 pieces . So do you want to buy Latex gloves? Then Degros wholesale is the right place for you.

Injection needles and other injection equipment

In Degros wholesale you will also find hypodermic needles that you can buy in large numbers. These injection needles are disposable, which means that you use them once. The injection needles consist of a hollow metal needle mounted on a plastic leurlock cone. The diameter of the needle is of great importance. This is expressed in Gauge (G). These are the different diameters of the needles that you can buy wholesale online from Degros

Our injection needles you can buy per 100 pieces. In addition, you will also find other injection equipment in our medical wholesaler, such as injection syringes , alcohol wipes and various sharp containers.

Medical instruments

Medical instruments are of course indispensable in a practice. We sell a wide range of medical instruments. For example, think of scissors, scalpels, pliers, tweezers or renal pelvises.

Measuring blood sugar with test strips

Looking for test strips to monitor your blood glucose level? How do you do that: You prick some blood with a lancing pen containing a blood lancet and you apply it to a test strip, which is in the blood glucose meter. After a few seconds you will see the result on the screen. The number 1 brand for measuring blood sugar is accu chek.

Blood pressure monitors

Want to buy a blood pressure monitor? Degros specializes in that too. Whether you blood pressure monitor with stethoscope, fully automatic blood pressure monitor or a semi-automatic blood pressure monitor you will always find what you are looking for in our wholesale.

In general, blood pressure is measured in two ways: via the upper arm and via the wrist. That is why Degros also has wrist blood pressure monitors, both for wholesale and consumer sales.


Are you looking for bandages or bandages ? We sell all types of wound dressings, from plasters, tubifast, tubigrip, plaster cast or gauze compresses etc.

Why order from the Degros Medical Wholesaler?

At Degros you will find all medical instruments for wholesale and consumer use. If you order from Degros on working days before 10 p.m., your order will be delivered the next day by PostNL. If you order even before 10 p.m. on Friday, your order will be delivered on Saturday! This way you will receive your order in no time.

 medical wholesale

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