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Pedicure wholesale

Buy your pedicure accessories quickly and easily from our pedicure wholesale. At Degros you will find professional pedicure products at a great price and we deliver quickly.

At Degros you will find all possible pedicure products for your pedicure or beauty salon. In addition, as a private individual you have also come to the right place at Degros. Our wholesaler delivers quickly and reliably and replenishes your stock within a day. The Degros pedicure wholesaler also offers the best prices. View our diverse range of pedicure products above. Below you will find more information about these products.

Pedicure Foot care (foot creams)

Degros pedicure wholesale has various products in the field of foot care. These are subdivided into various A-brands:  


Laufwunder mainly produces foot creams. These care creams are manufactured in Germany and are known for their high-quality products. Degros therefore offers a wide range of products from Laufwunder. One of the most sold Laufwunder foot creams is the Gorgescreme. This has been developed for dry and rough skin and can also be applied to the hands and elbows in addition to the feet. Fissure cream - also called Schrundena - ensures that the skin becomes more elastic and thus reduces the formation of fissures.

In addition, Laufwunder has good quality callus reduction cream and different types football.   

Collaborating Pedicures

This foot care line has been developed for and by pedicures! The products of collaborating pedicures all offer a solution for common foot problems, such as nail fungus (nail fungus) and athlete's foot, and also offer salon packaging for the nurturing foot balms.


The products of Allpresan are specially developed for daily care of the feet. The foam creams from Allpresan absorb into the skin without clogging pores. The brand works without dyes and preservatives, so no skin irritation can occur.


Gehwol specializes in products that help sell fissures, athlete's foot and calluses. It is a reliable brand for foot care, which is often used in pedicure and beauty salons.


The care products of Mykored help quickly and effectively against smelly feet. Mykored ensures such hygiene of the foot that foot and nail fungus are a thing of the past.

Pedicure blades

At Degros you will find different types pedicure blades. Traditionally, Swann Morton a major player in the field of pedicure blades, but also the Romed scalpel blades are making progress . You can choose from sterile and non-sterile variants in different sizes. Each pedicure blade is provided with a number, which in turn refers to the size of the blade. The blades are available in a box of 100 blades per box.

Pedicure materials

In addition to pedicure blades, you will also find various pedicure instruments such as a nail clipper, tweezers, nail scissors, pedicure cutters en files Or a pedicure case for outpatient work is of course indispensable.

Pedicure gloves

Working hygienically is the basis in a pedicure practice. Disposable gloves are therefore indispensable. Gloves help protect you from certain liquids during the pedicure treatment. At Degros you will find these gloves in different shapes and sizes and brands such as Comforties: 

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are free of latex and made of synthetic rubber. These gloves are very elastic and therefore quickly adapt to your hand. This type of glove is very strong and therefore lasts a long time. Nitrile gloves are available in different colors. From black nitrile gloves to pink nitrile gloves.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves are also very elastic and therefore have a good fit, but can cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, latex gloves have almost the same applications as Nitrile gloves.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are made of flexible PVC and therefore also latex-free. Vinyl gloves are slightly more fragile than Nitrile and latex gloves.

Pedicure liquids

Liquids are an essential part of your pedicure salon. Both for hygiene in the salon and liquids that you use during the treatment. That is why at Degros you will also find various types of disinfection alcohol, cleaners, oils and removers that should not be missing in your stock.

Disinfection and cleaning

Degros has several types of alcohol that serve as a disinfectant for during a pedicure treatment. You will find alcohol from 70 percent. We also offer various cleaners, such as alcohol wipes and (ultrasonic) cleaning fluid. Of course it is also important to keep the environment in your salon clean. We have different surfaces for this disinfectants . Also for various types disinfecting hand gel are you have come to the right place at Degros.

You can also order all foot care products in combination with safety equipment such as alcohol wipes en face masks.

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