CADEAU ACTIE: Ontvang nu GRATIS Romed Alcoholspray 500ml bij een orderbedrag van €50,- en Romed Alcoholfoam 500ml bij een orderbedrag van €80,-


Degros offers Consumables, PPE and cleaning products for companies of all sizes. We have a suitable solution for every question. Read below which solution best suits your situation.

Self-employed or SME (<5 employees)?

I am self-employed, a private individual or an SME with fewer than five employees;
I order a maximum of five times a year for the best prices;
Please contact our customer service if you have a question about our services or products.

SME or large business?

I am an SME or large business and order for more than five employees;
I am looking for the best deal on large quantities of Consumables, PPE or cleaning products.
Contact our customer service and ask about the options.

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