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Becton Dickinson BD Emerald 3 piece syringes
BD Emerald 3 piece syringes


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Nipro Nipro syringe 3-piece - Luer Lock
Nipro syringe 3-piece - Luer Lock


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Romed Romed 3-way StopCock 50 pcs
Romed 3-way StopCock 50 pcs


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Buy syringes?

We sell 2 and 3 piece syringes. What is the difference between the 2-piece syringe and 3 piece syringe.

Both consist of:

  1. a cylinder (available in various sizes, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml or 200ml)
  2. a plunger (also called a rammer or piston)
  3. a cone (tip of the syringe where you can insert a injection needle on can confirm)

The difference between the 2-piece and 3-piece syringe is:

The 3-piece syringe has an extra rubber cap on the plunger (also called a pusher or plunger). This cap ensures a good seal between cylinder and plunger and makes the syringe more flexible.

Or are you looking for a good < strong>insulin syringe?

Which type of syringe to choose?

There are many types and different sizes available. Basically, this rule applies first when choosing the right syringe. For more medication you need larger syringes and for less medication you need smaller syringes. In addition, the pressure flow is also important. The pressure flow is the force with which the liquid comes out of the syringe. The larger the syringe, the slower the liquid comes out and the lower the pressure flow. And afterwards, of course, the same applies. The smaller the syringe, the faster the liquid comes out and the higher the pressure flow.

Which type of Injection Tips to choose?

There are five basic types of spray tips.

  1. Luer-lock: The needle hub locks onto the tip of the syringe with a push and a twist.
  2. Luer tip: The user can push the needle onto the syringe.
  3. Eccentric tips: Use these tips if you want to inject into a superficial vein without the needle going through both vessel walls.
  4. Catheter Tip: Useful for wound irrigation, for flushing medical tubing.
  5. Permanently attached needle: commonly used for low dose applications and reduce medication waste.

What do I pay in shipping costs and what are the delivery times?
Shipping costs €6.95 and is Free from €150.- Ordered before 16:00 is shipped the same day on working days* *If you have placed an order with items with a longer delivery time, we will not ship the order until it is complete.

What is the warranty period and what quality can I expect?
We supply only A-quality products. The legal warranty period is 6 months. If a product is not to your satisfaction, returning it is easy at Degros. We are affiliated with Webshop Keurmerk, which makes shopping at Degros safe and reliable.

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