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Tubigrip tubular bandage

The Tubigrip tubular bandages are used to protect the skin and clothing against ointments and creams or for the fixation of various wound dressings. Under a bandage or cast, the tubular bandage protects the skin.

Tubigrip tubular bandage

What does a Tubigrip do?

Tubigrip is a brand of elastic bandages commonly used to provide support and compression to injured or swollen limbs, such as sprained ankles or knees. It is made of a stretchy, breathable material that allows the skin to breathe and can be cut to the desired length. It is often used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy or medication. It is easy to apply and adjust and can be worn for extended periods of time.

Tubigrip is a compression and supportive tubular bandage that is used for mild forms of edema, after plaster treatment, for varicose veins and for strains of tendons or ligaments. In addition, Tubigrip compressive tubular bandages are used to protect the skin and clothing against ointments and creams or as a fixation of various wound dressings. Under a bandage or cast, the tubular bandage protects the skin.

How is Tubigrip applied?

It is applied twice and gives an even pressure all over. The correct size and pressure can be determined exactly using the measuring strip. Application is quick and easy, and unlike conventional crepe bandages, Tubigrip stays firmly in position without pins or tapes.

Because it can be washed and reused, Tubigrip can certainly be used for outpatients and home care. Tubigrip is cost effective as only the required amount is cut from the roll.

Tubigrip properties

  1. This product contains latex
  2. Available in beige and natural
  3. Available in 11 sizes on rolls of 1 and 10 metres
  4. Made of cotton with loosely woven elastic threads wrapped around it
  5. Tubigrip can be washed several times (hand wash!) with a mild detergent at a maximum of 40 degrees. Do not wring out by hand, but roll in a towel.

Which tubigrip size do I need?

Tubigrip tubular bandage can be used on different body parts. It is a widely used compression bandage for limbs and torso and is therefore available in different lengths and sizes. Tubigrip lower leg, Tubigrip knee, Tubigrip arm, Tubigrip ankle are sizes that are in high demand. But because it is a custom product and every person has unique sizes, there are 11 different sizes and it is always necessary to measure the required diameter.

Explanation Tubigrip sizes

- Size A = children's hand and arm bandages

flat size 4.5 cm - low pressure: 10-13 cm - medium pressure: 10-13 cm

- Size B = small hand, arm and foot bandage

flat size 6.25 cm - low pressure: 13 - 16 cm - medium pressure: 13-17 cm

- Size C = medium hand, arm, foot and lower leg bandage

flat size 6.75 cm - low pressure: 16 - 20 cm - medium pressure: 17-22 cm

- Size D = large hand, arm, foot and lower leg bandage

flat size 7.5 cm - low pressure: 20 - 24 cm - medium pressure: 22-28 cm

- Size E = leg bandage, large arm and small thigh bandage

flat size 8.75 cm - low pressure: 24 - 28 cm - medium pressure: 28-36 cm

- Size F = leg and thigh bandage

flat size 10 cm - low pressure: 28 - 36 cm - medium pressure: 36-46 cm

- Size G = large thigh bandage

flat size 12 cm - low pressure: 36 - 46 cm - medium pressure: 46-110 cm

- Size J = small torso bandage

flat size 17.5 cm - low pressure: 46 - 110 cm - medium pressure: 110-145 cm

- Size K = medium torso bandage

flat size 21.5 cm - low pressure: 110 - 145 cm - medium pressure: 145 -180 cm

- Size L = large torso bandage

flat size 32.5 cm - low pressure: 145 - 180 cm - medium pressure: 180 cm +

- Size M = very large torso bandage

flat size 39 cm - low pressure: 180 cm+

Tubigrip sizes

Buy Tubigrip?

You can buy Tubigrip at Degros. The quality of our Tubigrip tubular bandage is usually a lot better and lower priced than, for example, the regular stores, such as Kruidvat, Trekpleister or pharmacy. We have all sizes in the colors white and natural. Ordered from Degros, delivery is fast and reliable. Webshop Trustmark.

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What is the warranty period and what quality can I expect?
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