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General terms and conditions

Table of Contents:

Article 1 - Definitions

Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur Article 3 - Applicability

Article 4 - The offer Article 5 - The agreement Article 6 - Right of withdrawal

Article 7 - Obligations of the consumer during the reflection period

Article 8 - Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer and costs thereof Article 9 - Obligations of the entrepreneur in the event of withdrawal

Article 10 - Exclusion of the right of withdrawal Article 11 - The price

Article 12 - Performance and additional guarantee Article 13 - Delivery and performance

Article 14 - Duration transactions: duration, cancellation and renewal Article 15 - Payment

Article 16 - Complaints procedure Article 17 - Disputes Article 18 - Industry guarantee

Article 19 - Additional or different provisions

Article 20 - Amendment of the general terms and conditions Stichting Webshop Keurmerk


Article 1 - Definitions

In these terms and conditions:

  1. Additional agreement: an agreement whereby the consumer provides products, digital content and/or acquires services in connection with a distance contract and these goods, digital content and/or services are supplied by the entrepreneur or by a third party on the basis of an agreement between that third party and the entrepreneur;

  2. Cooling-off period: the period within which the consumer can make use of his right of withdrawal;< /span>

  3. Consumer: the natural person who is not acting for purposes related to his trade, business, craft or profession;

  4. Day: calendar day;

  5. Digital content: data produced and delivered in digital form;</ span>

  6. Permanence agreement: an agreement that extends to the regular delivery of goods, services and /or digital content over a period of time;

  7. Sustainable data carrier</b >: any tool - including e-mail - that enables the consumer or entrepreneur to store information that is addressed to him personally in a way that prevents future consultation or use during a period that is tailored to the purpose for which the information is intended, and which allows unaltered reproduction of the stored information;

  8. Right of withdrawal: the consumer's option to waive the distance agreement;

  9. Entrepreneur: the natural or legal person who is a member of Stichting Webshop Keurmerk and products , offers (access to) digital content and/or services to consumers at a distance;

  10. Distance contract: an agreement concluded between the entrepreneur and the consumer within the framework of an organized system for the distance sale of products, digital content and/or services, whereby exclusive or partial use is made of one or more techniques for distance communication up to and including the conclusion of the agreement;

  11. Model withdrawal form: the European model withdrawal form included in Annex I of these terms and conditions revocation;

  12. Distance communication technique: Means that can be used to close an agreement, without the consumer and entrepreneur having to be in the same room at the same time;


Article 2 – Identity of the entrepreneur

Entrepreneur name

Degros B.V. 


Weidehommel 8, 1562LK Krommenie


Kaapstanderweg 6,  8243RB Lelystad

VAT: NL8614.60.479.B01
Chamber of Commerce: 78587514
Iban: NL48INGB0006733672

If the entrepreneur's activity is subject to a relevant licensing system: the details of the supervisory authority;

If the entrepreneur exercises a regulated profession:

  • the professional association or organization to which he is affiliated;

  • the professional title, the place in the EU or the European Economic Area where it was awarded;

  • a reference to the professional rules that apply in the Netherlands and instructions where and how these professional rules can be accessed.< /span>


Article 3 – Applicability

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from the entrepreneur and to every distance contract concluded between entrepreneur and consumer.

  2. Before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the consumer. If this is not reasonably possible, the entrepreneur will indicate before the distance contract is concluded how the general terms and conditions can be viewed at the entrepreneur's and that they will be sent free of charge as soon as possible at the request of the consumer.</span /p>

  3. If the distance contract is concluded electronically, contrary to the previous paragraph and before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the consumer electronically in such a way that it can be easily stored by the consumer on a durable data carrier. If this is not reasonably possible, before the distance contract is concluded, it will be indicated where the general terms and conditions can be inspected electronically and that they will be sent free of charge at the request of the consumer electronically or otherwise. /span>

  4. In the event that specific product or service terms and conditions apply in addition to these terms and conditions, the second and paragraph 3 applies mutatis mutandis and, in the event of conflicting conditions, the consumer can always invoke the applicable provision that is most favorable to him.


Article 4 – The offer

  1. If an offer has a limited period of validity or is subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.</ span>

  2. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the products, digital content and/or services offered. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper assessment of the offer by the consumer. If the entrepreneur uses images, these are a true representation of the products, services and/or digital content offered. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind the entrepreneur.

  3. Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what the rights and obligations are that the acceptance of the offer are connected.


Article 5 – The Agreement

  1. The agreement is concluded, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4, at the time of acceptance by the consumer of the offer and the fulfillment of the associated conditions.

  2. If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically,

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